Spangling Instructions

A pair of fine long-nosed pliers and a pair of small side cutters is essential--it is difficult to use the side-cutters that are part of the pliers.

Step 1  

1. Select beads and thread them onto the wire as shown above.
You can decide at this stage if you like the arrangement of the beads.

Step 2  

2. Push the wire through the hole in the bottom of the bobbin(above) and bend over the end to form a small hook, using fine long-nosed pliers (below).

Step 3  

3. Bend the wire round and catch it in the hook just formed. Close the hook with the pliers.

Step 4  

4. Push this loop in to the hole in the bobbin and hold it with the tip of your finger.
Push all the beads along the wire until they are tight against the other side of the hole, then pull
the wire tight through the loop using the pliers, keeping the tip of your finger on the loop.
The whole spangle should tighten up, but leave it a little loose to allow it to swing freely.

Step 5  

5. Cut off the wire using side cutters, about 6 - 8mm from the hole of the last bobbin, and bend this excess over to form another loop, which is closed up. The ends of this loop will go into the hole in the last bead.

Step 6  

6. It doesn't matter if the loops are a bit large at the beginning--with plenty of practice they will get neater and can be tightened up later when you are more proficient.

Text © Jacqui Southworth, 2000
Graphics and layout © Avital Pinnick, 2000